Jesse Holguin

My Story 

I was the overweight kid. We all know that kid. The cute, little chubby kid who everyone liked. Growing up I realized my weight was the first thing people were noticing about me. By the time I turned 21, I weighed well over 300lbs. I was at an all-time low; physically, mentally and spiritually. Continuing to be this person was not an option. It was at this moment that everything changed.

You see, I believe we all have a calling in life, a reason why we were born. Intuitively I knew that being overweight was blocking me from finding my calling. I had an overwhelming feeling that me finally deciding to take control of my life, take control of my health, and ultimately take responsibility for my body, was the only way to uncover my bliss.

Thus began my journey of slaying the first of many dragons that had been guarding the magnificent treasures of life, the treasures that are awaiting us all. Through exercise, eating better, and believing in the light at the end of the tunnel, I changed everything. I was coached and I was encouraged. I became an eternal student of all things relating to the healthy expression of the human body. And since making that shift, I’ve never looked back.

But my passion isn’t for exercising and eating broccoli. It’s for finding a better way to live; for being vibrantly healthy in order to have a more meaningful life. I want to share my knowledge to help the next person who may be struggling with these things. I want to show people how good it feels to feel good. Most people I’ve come across have lost touch with what the mind and body are truly capable of.  

And that is why the WellRock exists today.

-Jesse Holguin